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Subject: family pride 2The Family Pride
By lottelenyaChapter TwoWhile my sister-in-law was going down on me, I had one of the most intense
orgasms I had ever experienced. Even as my stomach convulsed, Barbara kept
her mouth glued to my cunt, her tongue working feverishly. As my orgasm
subsided however, my clitoris became very sensitive, the touch of her
tongue almost painful. Reaching down, I pushed her head away. "No more," I
said pleadingly. " more." Still on her knees, she looked up at
me and grinned, rocking back on her heels.She extended her hands toward me. " me up then."Letting the hem of my dress fall, I grasped her wrists and pulled her to
her feet. When she was upright, she swiped her mouth with the back of her
hand, smearing her already smeared lipstick even more. She looked a little
clownish, and because I was so nervous and coming down from such an
incredible high, I couldn't suppress a giggle."What's so funny?" she asked, sounding just a little irritated."I'm sorry," I said quickly, "'s just that your lipstick is all
smeared and it looked ...well..., it just looked funny.Looking around the small room, she picked up a cloth that was lying on a
dust-covered box nearby. Wiping at her mouth vigorously, she looked at
me. Tossing the rag onto the floor, she cleared her throat. " you
wanna do me?""But...we've been gone so long," I said, stalling, my heart
lurching. "Someone might come looking for us." Bending over I pulled my
panties on again."We'll just tell them that I got sick from the drinks and you walked me
outside to clear my head. You know what? You don't have to if you would
rather not, Donna. No big deal. I always get the short end of the stick!"If she was attempting to put a guilt trip on me, it was sure working. After
all, I did encourage her to do it to me. So the fair thing to do would be
to reciprocate, right? But I didn't know if I would be able to really go
through with it. I had never in my life done something like that to another
woman, but as I stood there looking at my sister-in-law, at her shapely
body and legs, I found myself thinking that maybe it wouldn't be all that
bad. Maybe I could just start, and lolita first hair preteen
if I found I couldn't go all the way, I
would just pull back and apologize. I had a bit of difficulty finding my
voice. "Barbara? Why don't you take off your panties?"It was her turn to giggle. "I'm not wearing any," she said, lifting her
skirt up around her waist, just as I had done minutes before. She was
completely shaved, the lips of her cunt exposed as she stood there with her
legs spread apart and her skirt bunched up about her waist. It wasn't just
a bikini type wax job, she had shaved it clean. I don't even remember
moving forward, but I found myself suddenly kissing her, my hand in between
her legs, lightly fingering that bald and hairless pussy. As I speared my
middle finger between the lips of her cunt, she moved her hips against my
hand in a fucking movement. I was no longer unsure of what I was going to
do.I slid my lips away from her mouth, then kneeling on the tiled floor, I
placed my hands on the back of her thighs. It did hurt my knees, but not
all that bad. Dipping my head, my nostrils flared from the woman smell of
her. Then my lips touched the fleshy lips of her vagina and I licked from
bottom to top slowly with my tongue. I could hear her moaning softly
somewhere above my head as I probed until I found her clitoris. My neck
ached from the position my head was in, but nothing on earth was going to
stop me at that moment. I was surprised at the size of her erect clitoris,
remember thinking that it was like a little penis or something as I swirled
my tongue around the tiny shaft of it, sucking and nibbling gently. I was
excited bbs lolita board zep
and aroused again, and it came to me russian lolitas in pantyhose that I liked what I was doing
to my sister-in-law. No, much more than just like, I loved it! As I suckled
at her clit like a baby on a nipple, I thought of something that I liked
Jase to do to me when we made love. Moving my right hand up her thigh and
into the valley between the cheeks of her ass, I touched a fingertip at the
opening of her anus. I could actually feel her body flinch slightly, then
she reached down and put her hand on the back of my head as if in
encouragement.."Do it," she grunted as she ground her cunt into my face. "Do it, bitch!!"My mouth laving at her cunt, I slowly pushed my finger into her anus until
it was buried deeply into her rectum. That was all it took. She grabbed my
hair with both hands and ground her pussy against my mouth. When she came,
a small spurt of urine bathed my face, but I continued eating her until she
started to calm down. It was with a surprising amount of reluctance that I
moved my mouth away from her crotch, then withdrew my finger from her
anus. It took me several moments before I was able to struggle to my feet.
Bending down, I picked up the rag she had discarded earlier and wiped the
wetness from my face."Geez, Donna,"she said lolit teen petite models weakly as she straightened her clothing, her eyes
wide as she looked at me. "I don't believe that! Are hardcore preteen lolita fucking you sure this is your
first time with another woman?""Yes," I was actually able to laugh. "My very first time."But not my last time, I thought to myself. Not the last time...
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